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Sojourn to the “Old” country…And back!

Hamjamboni! Nimerudi lakini akili bado iko hukooo…kwa nyams ya Kenyatta Market na big bird au Famous Grouse na Tanye…(yaani Tusker…nilijifunza new vocabulary!) Malt baridi ya Sippers na Langalanga na Jardin na Karen Country Club na Impala na kwa Muchura Charles huko Odhumo na Alliance kwa Ambwere na kwingine kwingi sana! Met many old friends…not old as in age but rather…new vocabulary…vijana wenye umri mwingi kama vile Tabu Osusa, Cleo Mbeo, Grace Mambo, Lilian Wanjira, Maddo na Eunice Kelemba, Bartonjo Chesaina, Serreti, Hawi Odingo, Rose Ochwada, Rosemary Watu, Rosalind Gatobu, Catherine na Njeri Gicheru, Doreen Kashero na Ben, Wanjiku Mwotia na wengine wengi! Thanks Marren Awuor for the suprise phone call and Jane Kariuki…we will connect and hang next time. I kidogo and ashamedly apologize to all whose connections I could not make…LTC & Mwikali Kieti…I will explain and maybe do penance some time soon.

Sooo many people made my journey a splendid one…enough to keep me off FB! I was busy I tell you and then there is my terrific family headed up by big sis Aunt Eddie in charge of a tight social calender and backed by Dennis and Flo Kashero, shosh Muthoni and all my brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews…(the later category reminded me the more of my ujana wenye umri mwingi…now they are the ones who drove me around, told me what to look out for, what to wear and how to wear it, music to listen to and how to dance…nkt!)….Thanks sis Molly….Your mrenda is forever! The chapos we don’t say! Best of luck to our latest protege niece Idza who left for college in Spain!

Details of shenanigans and absolute malarkey to follow soon as I shake off this weird feeling of living between night and day. I have muddled dreams of waking up and stepping into this big huge expanse of ugali (snow) and then strolling through sunny Uhuru park…shortcut to city center from my studio apartment in the state house area…..chewing chopped sugarcane in a juala! Yeah…I arrived back to a cold snowy US. Hubby picked me up and we drove at a snails pace through driving wind and snow and got home safe.

Thank you everybody who made my visit so so memorable



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