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Hospital visit…

Was at UC Hospital in Cincy…ICU. Awfully quiet place except for whirring machines setting and re-setting…wired to still people. Occasional alarms sounding off, blinking lights and the quick patter of feet from nursing staff hastening to reach bedsides Muted speeches from doctors surrounded by a posse of young, tired but eager looking interns. A closer look at the bedside gadgets and there are the glass containers that look like the blender glass filling with…aarrgh!…all manner of colored goo…brown, icky green… slowly dripping into them from tubes attached to the people lying still on the beds! Here life slows down then picks up speed at the behest of a code…code red…code blue. And I look out the window towards Martin Luther King Avenue…life also goes and stops too and ln most similar code…red stop….green go! Visiting hours are over. I drive out of the hospital garage and ease onto MLK Avenue….its a parking lot, traffic is heavy and so I sit and wait…its quiet here too except for the whirring cars…machines revving to go…waiting for code green to go. Blinking indicator lights and muted cusses from the drivers. Its like I never left. But I’m going home.



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