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Angst and Facebook Therapy…

Now that we are done with elections and Boston and Kim Jong-un (at least for a while!), some of my friends have returned to a favorite FB pastime…posting pictures of children with tumors the size of cabbages, legs growing out of their stomachs or with faces with no eyes and nose etc. Then after a concocted sob story they ask you to type “Amen” and the child will be healed! Really?

Carveth, a psychologist, said in a paper he wrote that this behavior typifies the unconscious need for punishment and is an expression of or an attempt at an evasion of a sense of guilt. I personally would wish to help these friends in their quest for psychoanalysis by typing “Amen” but…I have a phobia for internal organs laid bare and worse for limbs growing from where they were never meant to. I have nothing against those who through no fault of their own are physically challenged…But I have a problem with those who want to rub it in my face on FB…Not because they genuinely want to help. I would hope that they would send them money or visit them in hospital or say a quiet prayer before they go to bed. But because it assuages their guilt and makes them sleep better, they have to load it off on the rest of us!

I feel bad enough already about the human state…I need a break! I never type “Amen”…hoping they will notice that I really don’t want to see that…But I guess there are enough of those who like to see that! And Zuckerbug is not going to send money to anyone if you re-post either! Nuff said! Bet you also noticed that this was also my psychoanalysis session and I have vented enough. I feel better now…Until my friends with this dispensation post another pic of a hirsute baby…only this time the hair is growing on their palms and bottom of their feet! Aaaargh! Just leave it alone will ya?



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