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Eric’s Madaraka Day Today!

Happy Madaraka Day Eric!…It is Eric’s Madaraka day. He has been conferred the power to exit the stage of life. He is graduating to the hereafter, where silence and peace reigns. Where there is no more sadness, no more tears, no more heartache’s, no more fears. In the twinkling of an eye he is airborne and it’s a flight with no stopovers, connections nor layovers…because all that, he did here on earth.

The flight path is set and the flying time counted in numbers of infinity. His flight was called early, before his bags were packed…He was not ready to go. But like every one of us, he was already at the airport. We all are perpetually at the airport…or in a jam hurrying to get there. And once we are there, we are waiting in line for the flight to be called.

Code Blue!…Eric’s flight was called and he rose to join the queue, the exit papers in hand, his luggage in his heart and whose weight began to dissipate with the stamp of the exit visa. His step became lighter and slow motion as he faced the tunnel. He turned to wave a big Colgate smile on his face…never mouthing a goodbye…he turned again and resolutely walked…and walked…swallowed by the tunnel.

He will exit at 200…400 thousand feet…soaring like a bird and colliding with the clouds and atmosphere and temperature and climate. Steady…steady…air pockets notwithstanding…Higher and higher, euphoric and weightless. Eric’s Madaraka day…He’s got the Power…and he made it rain!


©njeriOsaak is a trained journalist, a Public Relations professional and a College Speech Communication teacher / Consultant, currently based in the United States.


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