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The Internet…Nothing but the truth…so help me Zuckerberg!!


I know i have ranted about this before! But here I go again…! This is especially for the young and gullible kids who think that the computer does not lie and that everything done or found on FB, Twitter, Yahoo  Google etc… is okay!…and is nothing but the truth…so help me Zuckerberg!! NO!

Read this story as carried in the Daily Monitor -Uganda: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Woman-kidnapped-after-chat-on-Facebook/-/688334/1842930/-/i66q37/-/index.html

Do not accept blind dates on FB…Do not lay yourself bare (literarily!) on FB by telling and showing everything (some of which we do not need to know and see but bad people will be delightful to!) and everything about yourself. Before you “undress” on FB ask yourself first if you would do it on a busy street. Before you accept to go on a date with someone you just met on FB ask yourself if you would say yes to any stranger you meet on the street…On FB its even worse cos you are going out to meet someone who you have no idea what they look like…except the profile pic which could be a picture of anyone or anything sourced from the web! What you see on FB…Twitter…Wikilove…Google….etc…is not what you always get…Hardly!

If you are unlucky you end up like this poor girl who lucky for her the morons must have been beginners in the art of kidnapping and ransom demand…they let her go physically unharmed but most surely emotionally destroyed and a lesson learned the hard and dangerous way!

I especially hope my neices and nephews….and my friends young relas…and public in general see this and re-work your FB privacy and security status. And that you think twice before updating you profile pic to a more racy one with the tongue sticking out, lips scrunched (ati lovey-dovey pout!), the valley of the shadow of boobs showing tops, saggy crappy underwear showing skinny behinds pants…yadda yadda yadda…!

Just be safe and do none of that!

This is said with all due respect to adults who know what they are doing and  those that have actually found fulfilling relationships on the net.



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