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Otongolo’s Time…

Haya…Wacha nichokoze nyuki kidogo! What is this kelele now about the young man aka Otongolo? Gosh…! Does the so called author have copyright interests of the said intellectual property? If he does not then he is flailing in the ocean without a paddle, sail nor wind behind him. I know how we used to craft those drama festival presentations in school and it was usually a community / group effort.

It is unfortunate that some people want to beef about this young mans new found success. Let the young man fly and I am glad he has the wits about him to engage a manager…good or bad. A signed contract can at least be challenged in court if something goes awry. Right now he is the one who has gained recognition. Someone else may have written it but he transformed it through his talented and excellent performance.

In the arts industry the writer gets rewarded too but it is the nature of the trade that the vessel / person who brings the art to life is the ultimate and greater beneficiary, and especially the attendant fame. If the author did not know to lay claim to his work and left unattended out there…How can he now be helped?

Scolding the boy for achieving fame and also making a commercial success out of his new found fame and talent is so low! Lower than the seabed! I am happy for him and as we all should be and stop getting on his case. He is using his god-given talent to raise himself from out of dust and poverty.

Well done Otongolo and I hope you continue to soar and open doors for other young artists to follow suit!



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