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Fat Names….

Why are we people from the “rest of the world” fixated on titles…”Mtukufu Rice”…”Baabaa wa taifa”…”Mheshimiwa Muishiwa”…”Engineer Bomoa”…”Mchungaji Omwifi”…”Mzalendo Kamaliza”…”Chief Minor”…”Major Minor”…”General Specific”…? Is it a colonial hangover where those with titles in the community claimed a position closer to the mkubwa’s ear or what?

I belong to an FB page where each time a titled person responds or posts on an on-going discussion you can hear heels screech to a stop, awe and genuflection take over and fast and furious typing to be the first to respond to the titled ones post…to praise him and also sound deferential by not referring to them by their name but title! Urrrgh! “Mheshimiwa…thank you for posting here. We are honored by your presence…and that is a good answer. I will vote for you now, now!”…Really? Maybe we are the ones who encourage these people to grow peacock feathers even where there were supposed to be none in the first place. These people are supposed to be servants but tables are turned and we are the servants!

People should just be plain Mr or Mrs / Miss then lets see how many will still like to be MP / Prezzo especially with the mtukufu / mheshimiwa gone. Uh-oh…I hear someone calling Hon. Court Parrott Njeri…that would be me…and my title!…gotta go sing now!



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