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A story of the great sojourn…

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Sunday was glorious.  The hubs and I spent the day at our Friend J and fams lovely house at Beavercreek. They had just got back from a visit to code 254, with their now teenage sons who came over as toddlers (twins, 2 yrs then and now 15!) after being away for 13 years! So we came to hear stories of the great sojourn home for five weeks!

Lunch kwanza! Great lunch of dried fish, ugali ya brown na white na mchele na samaki ya kuakusha na ngombe fresh ya farm na kunde / osuga na maziwa. Alafu tukateremsha na chai ya kuchemsha ya maziwa fresh pia!

Alafu stories zikaanza kuroll on full stomachs about the culture shock of seeing Nai and Kampala since 1999! Deep Ushago -Kids:…”Where’s the bathroom? Mum: its the long drop over there. Kids: You’re kidding right? Coz Ima hold till we get to the city!…They did go in the end! They also took an “over the shoulder” bath with karai, rode the boda boda to go look for a cyber cafe to check FB and send tweets at the “mall” cyber cafe!

They were mheshimiwa and gave a motivational speech at the local primary school on “How does education in America compare to schools here?” Kids: “Well first the grass in the playing field is cut so we can play football easy…!”…. Hahaha!…They did good and donated a ball and cleats with a promise to send more!

ATM in Kampala…The currency translation was a nightmare and they didn’t count the millions but just stashed it in the kiondo and hoped it was good! Then there was the local travel shenanigans of arriving at a bus depot ready to leave Kampala for Nai at 4 pm and they end up scrambling for the one bus that cranked its engine and called for passengers to Nai….at 8 pm ..”Kaeni popote!” was the conductors command.  Hahaha!…This after having booked days earlier and with a def seat number on the ticket! They arrived sans one suitcase which had been put in an earlier bus destined for Thika via Nai. Hubby followed the bus and was still made to pay extra to jump on a same company bus to retrieve it at its destination!

Nairobi: Simmers…Nice lunch then the bill comes and before they settle it, one local rela says “Ebu nione hio bill”…Oh drat! Each meal ticket was inflated by about ksh 500! Evening: The parents sans the boys at F200…The entertainment was described by her hubs thus:…”I saw a new perspective…(He’s a professor!…and they, the girl pole dancers, insisted he puts the donation in their crotch…hahaha!)…These girls work soo hard…and they are beautiful…and smell nice too! (His voice while telling that last part faded gradually with the rising alarming look on wife’s face! We laughed)

It was a fun trip for them…in retrospect, and just goes to show that after living huku majuu for a while all your street smarts diminish and you are open to kukaangwa at every turn. Even taxi fare is determined by a whiff of a foreign scented kaparfume which gives you away as “huyu si wa hapa”….. plus hako kabeti kako, Tshirt ya American Eagle and a constantly worried or wow! look on your chops! Hahaha!

It was an awesome visit with them at their house and not to say I also left with a juala of unga brown, samaki wa kukausha, na osuga na kunde ya kukausha…from her mathe to me! I prolly didn’t tell the stories as well as they did but it got my travel juices heightened.

December cant get here soon enugh for me and the hubs to go and quell our withdrawal symptoms for matoke, githeri or maenjele na ingokho ya keinyeji na zinguza! Unasikia Engesa na Kadogo, Na Kau na Floss na Boyi na Jojo na Agnes na Doris na Bambi na “Big Moose” Sheila na cucu Muthosh? Countdown is on na tunasijwa!!!



2 thoughts on “A story of the great sojourn…

    • Yes…That is on my raw agenda task list! That was hilarious…Ati wanawake wananunua nguo kushinda wanaume…wanapenda tu-top!…He killed it! Yes thanks for the memory jog!

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