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Habanero Madness!

habanero IMG_2702 indian curry

Habanero Madness: So when I got here to the US like 14 years ago, I went to the international market and bought me some groceries that included habanero chillies. Hubby having lived in Texas before, cautioned me and told me that that particular chillie type is mwoto sana (tres hooot!) but I was like…”We wacha! pilipili sisi tunakula hata mbichi!”…(“Oh come of it!…some of us are hotter than the chillie…we eat it raw!”). Hubby does not like to argue and so he lets me be.

Home. I enter jikoni (kitchen) and start mapishi bora (cooking like the barefoot contessa!). Mchele na kuku na kachumbari…na habanero like two whole ones in the kuku! (chicken and rice and African salsa). I served dinner…Wah! Everybody was dashing to the sink for maji…Aaaaargh!…”Mummy umeweka nini kwa kuku….glug…glug…aaaargh!” (Mum…what the elephant did you add to the chicken stew?). That was Kevin and Yvonne…my son and daughter! Hubby was cautious and had not tasted the msosi (food)…He said he could already smell the apilu (chillie) in the steam rising from his plate! I stood there petrified…and unbelieving of these people who can’t take a bit of heat! So I said…”Kwani?…Hebu nionje….Aaaaargh!”…(I dared to taste!)

Dedicated to Edyth and Dennis and George…Lovers of pilipili (chillie)…the later who said…”Kama pilipili ingeweza kuwekwa kwa chai hio ingekuwa fit sana!” (Wish I could add chillies to my tea!). I will bring you guys some habaneros when I next visit! Mtaona!

Needless to say I do not eat pilipili anymore…shut the door! Hahaha!


©njeriOsaak is a trained journalist, a Public Relations professional and a College Speech Communication teacher, currently based in the United States.


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